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How to Plan the Perfect Golf Course Wedding

How to Plan the Perfect Golf Course Wedding

The market for weddings in the United States was worth over $70 billion in 2022, and numbers are rising. So, those who are getting married soon might have a problem setting their wedding apart from the rest of the pack.

If you're a big golf fan, why not have your wedding on a golf course? But, how do you go about it?

We've got you covered. Let's go through how to plan a golf course wedding for your needs.

Choose The Right Golf Course

When you're looking at wedding locations, research and visit different golf courses in your desired location to find one that suits your vision and requirements.

Choose a golf course that is conveniently located for you and your guests. Consider the venue's accessibility in terms of transportation and proximity to accommodations, especially if you have out-of-town guests attending.

Look for a golf course that offers stunning views and natural beauty. Consider the landscape, whether it's rolling hills, lush fairways, a picturesque lake, or a backdrop of mountains. The aesthetics of the golf course will contribute to the overall ambiance of your wedding.

Explore the various ceremony sites available. Look for locations that offer things like a waterfront setting or a secluded garden. Consider the layout and configuration of the ceremony site and envision how it aligns with your vision.

Pick the Right Date

Determine a suitable wedding date and time. You don't want to plan your wedding during a major golf tournament, after all.

Consider the typical weather conditions during different seasons at the location of the golf course. If you prefer an outdoor ceremony or reception, aim for a date that offers pleasant weather. Research historical weather patterns or consult with local meteorological data. This will give you an idea of the best months for comfortable outdoor celebrations.

Inquire about off-peak rates or discounted pricing for weddings held during non-peak times. Golf courses may offer lower rates during weekdays or certain months when they have less demand. If budget is a consideration, exploring off-peak dates could be beneficial.

Figure Out a Theme

Decide on a wedding theme or color palette that complements the natural beauty of the golf course. If you're a huge golf fan, incorporate golf-themed elements tastefully into your decor, such as using golf clubs as part of the centerpieces or incorporating golf balls into the floral arrangements.

Or, you could opt for a timeless and sophisticated theme that complements the natural beauty of the golf course. Incorporate elements such as crystal chandeliers, delicate floral arrangements, and romantic lighting to create an elegant ambiance. Choose a color palette of neutrals, soft pastels, or shades of white to enhance the refined atmosphere.

Embrace a rustic theme that blends the charm of the golf course with natural and vintage-inspired elements. Incorporate wooden accents, burlap details, and wildflowers for a relaxed and rustic feel. Use lanterns, mason jars, or repurposed golf clubs as part of the decor to add a touch of golf-related charm.

Celebrate the history and nostalgia of golf with a vintage-inspired theme. Incorporate antique golf clubs, vintage golf prints or posters, and classic golf attire as part of the decor.

Use vintage suitcases, old books, or vintage golf bags as unique props. Consider a color palette that includes rich earth tones or shades of brown, green, and gold.

Feed Your Guests

Of course, you need to make sure everyone at your wedding gets something to eat. Many golf courses have their own catering services or partnerships with preferred vendors.

Inquire with the golf course about their catering options and menu selections. They may offer a range of packages to choose from, including plated dinners, buffet-style meals, or food stations. Work closely with their culinary team to design a menu that suits your preferences and dietary requirements.

Incorporate the golf theme into your menu by naming dishes after famous golf courses, golf terms, or golf-related items. Discuss these ideas with your caterer or venue to see if they can accommodate your creative menu requests.

Set up snack stations throughout the reception area to keep your guests energized and satisfied. Include golf-inspired snacks like pretzel sticks (resembling golf clubs), chocolate-covered strawberries (shaped like golf balls), or mini sliders (that look like golf course burgers).

Arrange for beverage carts to roam around the golf course during cocktail hour or throughout the reception, offering drinks and refreshments to your guests. This adds a fun and interactive element while ensuring everyone stays hydrated and enjoys the golf course ambiance.

Design it Right

When you're having a golf course wedding, you'll want to design a wedding that suits the theme.

Choose a color palette that reflects the lush greenery of the golf course and complements the golf theme. Consider shades of green, ivory, white, and accents of gold or silver. These colors can be incorporated into your decor, flowers, and attire.

Design your wedding invitations to resemble golf scorecards or golf balls. Use golf-themed motifs such as golf clubs, golf flags, or golf course landscapes. Consider incorporating a touch of elegance to maintain the wedding vibe.

Consider golf-themed wedding favors that your guests can enjoy, such as personalized golf balls, tees, or small golf-related accessories.

Start Planning Your Golf Course Wedding Today

There's a lot that goes into planning the perfect golf course wedding. Hopefully, you now have some idea of what you're looking for, so you can get started!

Are you ready to get started? Contact Astor Creek Golf & Country Club today to begin planning your wedding.