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How To Travel With Golf Clubs

How To Travel With Golf Clubs

A study concluded that 98% of respondents feel that golf helps to alleviate stress. This is a favorite pastime for many for this reason. Perhaps the stress relief is also why many people love taking golfing vacations.

Before you can travel to a golf resource for 18 holes of relaxation, you need to learn more about flying with golf clubs. Doing your research in advance will help you make sure your clubs get to their destination intact and without setbacks.

This guide will teach you how to travel with golf clubs so that you don't have to go without them on your next big trip.

Buy the Right Golf Bag

If you're a fan of golf, you know that choosing the right golf bag is essential. The same applies when you're choosing a golf bag that is strictly for travel.

There are some travel bags you can purchase that will protect the clubs in transport. This includes hard-shell golf bags and soft bags with layers of protection. The bag should also be big enough to easily house your clubs, while small enough to fit in overhead compartments or to be checked without incurring oversized luggage fees.

With the right bag, you'll be at your destination playing golf in no time.

Take Inventory of Your Clubs

Next, make sure that you double and triple-check your clubs before embarking on your trip. The last thing you'd want is to show up at the golf course ready to play, only to find that you're missing some of your most important clubs.

Since you put so much thought and energy into buying the right golf clubs, you need to do everything in your power to protect them. It's easier to file a missing luggage claim if you took inventory beforehand. Keep a list of your clubs and other inventory so that you know what is in the bag at all times.

Learn Fees and Policies in Advance

Whenever you travel with your clubs, you are always subject to different fees and potential restrictions. One of the best travel tips you can follow is to learn each airline's policy before booking your trip.

This lets you know what type of golf bags are accepted, what size, and whether it makes more sense to check them or bring them onto the plane. You will also learn about any fees and how the clubs should be packed to meet Transportation Security Administration (TSA) standards.

When you know how much you will have to pay in fees, you can take the proper precautions and budget your trip accordingly.

Take Out an Insurance Policy

Once you have taken inventory of your bag and clubs, consider also taking out an insurance policy. Traveler's insurance lets you get compensation if your clubs are lost or damaged in transit.

This gives you added protection in case the airline doesn't claim responsibility for the incident, or if the process is slow. Learn the value of your clubs to make sure you get the adequate amount of insurance needed to cover them.

Invest in a Quality Bag Tag

Another key traveling golf tip is to make sure that your golf bag has a durable tag with all your information. Skip the flimsy paper tags that you can fill out at the airport, and instead invest in a permanent tag.

This tag should be attached to your bag securely so that it doesn't fall off in transit. Include all of your important information, such as your name, phone number, and e-mail address. This way, the airline or anyone else who finds your bag can get in touch with you and return them without a problem.

Try to Get Direct Flights

Logistics also play a role in smart golf travel. Most mixups and lost baggage happen as a result of a transfer. Book a direct flight so that you minimize the number of people handling your bags and the likelihood of mistakes.

Direct flights are often more expensive and tend to sell out, so this might also require you to book your flight further in advance. If a certain airline has golfer-friendly policies consider using them exclusively for your travel.

Consider Shipping Your Clubs

Of course, no one says that you have to bring your clubs with you during your flight. Instead, many golfers today are exploring the option to ship their clubs. There are many services now that specialize in this, and will make sure that your clubs arrive at your destination in time for you to enjoy some fun on the course.

Look into the credibility of the company, shipping fees, and shipping times. Consider all of these details to see what makes the most sense for your trip. Weigh your bag and clubs in advance to also know how much you can expect to pay in fees.

Separate Your Other Belongings

Finally, make sure that you keep your other belongings separate from your bag and clubs. This includes things like GPS, jewelry, a smartphone, and any other belongings that you typically keep in your bag.

Include them in your carry-on to minimize losses if your bag happens to get lost or misplaced.

How To Travel With Golf Clubs 101

The points above are worthwhile when you're trying to figure out how to travel with golf clubs.

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